Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fail? Check.

The reason I started this blog was to track my adventures as I focused on the completion of four goals (posted on the right side of this blog). I only intended on completing the first goal this year, which I failed at accomplishing. But worse than that, as I look at my current state of fitness it's apparent that I've made little progress over the last year. I'm healthy, and I'm a decent runner. But my goals weren't to be a healthy and decent runner. They were to improve my fitness toward a measurable goal...that of being able to run a 7:15 minute mile for 26.2 miles.

Here's what I've learned about myself though. That I think long runs (15+ miles) are boooring!! Good thing I have a plan to trick myself into getting in "Boston" shape...

Step 1: Ultramarathon is off the list. If I'm not going to enjoy training for it, why should I train for it? This is a hobby right?

Step 2: Half Marathons are the new Marathon. I enjoy every run that goes into training for a half. So my number one priority now is to accomplish goal #4. Run a half marathon in less than 1 hour 25 minutes.

Step 3: Is this sounding like that New Kids on the Block song? Step by step... oooh baaaaby...gonna get to you girrrrrl. You DON'T want to hear me sing. :)

Step 4: After accomplishing goal #4 I'll be running a half marathon in a 6:30 minute mile. So at this point I just do about six distance runs between 18-20 miles. Then sign me up for my qualifier!

Step 5: Duhhh, I've already qualified for Boston at this point in the Steps. Why are you still reading?


  1. lol sounds like a good plan! I can't wait to follow you as you achieve your goals :D

  2. Did somebody just say New Kids On The Block? ::squeals uncontrollably::

  3. You know, you're a very funny read. Sure wish you'd post more... consistently? This post reminds me that I need to update my goals! Glad to hear you like training for halfs, as I'm about to start training for my 1st one (race in Sept.) Just ran my first 10 miler trail race in the White Mtns. June 11, so I consider myself already half-trained. Crap time, but who cares (I was sick w/a headcold, not hungover, as I may have preferred)! You have race time goals which is great, considering your natural ability. For me, just being able to do it = mission accomplished! I'm in awe of speedy buggers like you :-)

    Oh & FYI, I spectate the Boston Marathon... so if you wanna cry then, I can make a big banner for ya? Being an artist & all, there's no way you'll miss seeing it (im-press-ive)... but if you run in your I'm-the-shit jacket so I can ID you, I'll go apeshit hollering, too!