Friday, January 15, 2010

The Dangerous Double-Sniff

It's pretty easy to remember the details of a traumatic event. It happened while driving to the supermarket to buy groceries for a party I was hosting. I turned right, switched over a lane, sniffed (I had a runny nose from a cold), and then decided that my lungs would allow a second sniff in the same breath. So I sniffed in a good one. Yeah, I thought, we're gonna put those sniffles to rest for a good 45 seconds with this one! And then upon that second sniff I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder while my muscles twisted into a giant knot. Let me be clear, it hurt like hell. I couldn't turn my neck.

My first thought was "Are you freakin' serious?!?" I've messed up my neck from sleeping on it funny. But from double-sniffing? You've got to be kidding. Nobody, and let me repeat NOBODY, should mess up their back from double-sniffing. That just ain't cool.

It has to get better from here. Messing up my knee, getting a mild flu, and injuring my shoulder via double-sniff is quite the week. I actually went on two short, slow runs this week and didn't have knee pain. So I'm really hoping I can get in a long one tomorrow....wait for it...that's what she said.

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe there is another person on earth that did this.

    I'm at week 4 and my neck, while significantly better, still has remnants of that fatal day where I sniffed myself into a whiplashed state.