Friday, March 19, 2010

Personal Worst (yay me)!

I knew it was coming. My running buddies and I have been talking about going for our fastest times on this 3-mile loop that we regularly run. I haven't gone all out on a 3-mile run since high school. So I was interested to see how my time would stack up.

Well... it didn't quite stack, unless "stacking" means to nicely place the worst time ever on top of the better times. Yeah, I didn't think so.

I ran the 2.96 miles in 19 minutes, 51 seconds. This represents a 6:42 average mile. I'm not extremely unsatisfied with the time. It just kind of sucks realizing that your 17-year old self could have seriously kicked your ass. After making myself a warm bottle of milk and crying myself to sleep, my next steps are to hit the track for some interval training. I've said it before and I'll say it again... "No punk 17-year old high school version of myself is going to kick MY ass!!"

See below for the run where I achieved "Personal Worst".

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  1. Hey thanks for the comment! And hey, for personal worsts, we ALL have them. Mine seem to come the workout after a personal best LOL. It's like my brain doesn't want me to get TOO confident!

  2. HAHAHA, you are funny! Hey, a bit of work, and you'll kick your 17 yo self's butt in no time!

    (was that even english? i tried.)

  3. See, that's where it comes in handy to accept that the punk-ass version of myself will gladly and expectedly kick my grown-ups version's ass. But then, the grown up me knows enough not to get into the fight in the first place, so that also comes in handy...and I like that your PW is WAY faster than my PR. That should make you feel good, or at least superior. ;)